Eva Frusti

Asset Management & Marketing Coordinator

Ms. Frusti joined Brinshore in January of 2012.  She is currently a member of Brinshore’s Asset Management Team where her responsibilities include reviewing and performing detailed follow-up on occupancy and collections reports for Brinshore’s properties.  She works closely with regional management to obtain threshold occupancy, maximize collections, and to ensure consistent protocol by the management companies.  Ms. Frusti also attends property site inspections and maintains Brinshore’s entity inventory.

As Brinshore’s marketing coordinator, Ms. Frusti’s responsibilities include maintaining the company website, coordinating special events, executing marketing schedules, overseeing marketing material design, and performing editorial work for property websites, brochures, signage and advertising materials.  She also manages marketing budgets, prepares marketing draws and organizes photography schedules.

Ms. Frusti also acts as the office manager for Brinshore’s headquarters.  She executes daily tasks to ensure an efficient and well-organized operation.   

Ms. Frusti became a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) in 2015.  She also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences from Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL.