Century City: Quality housing and new hope for an iconic American city

Brinshore began construction this summer on Century City, in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood, providing 37 units of apartments and townhomes that are breathing new life into a community hit hard by tough economic times.

The project will ultimately provide much-needed affordable workforce housing to support Milwaukee’s larger plan to redevelop a former auto-manufacturing site into a modern, sustainable industrial facility that
will provide jobs for the region. That effort, part of the visionary 30th Street Industrial Corridor redevelopment, includes parallel initiatives that range from from job training incentives to attract and grow businesses to infrastructure improvements and public safety enhancements.

Century City is Brinshore’s third joint project with up-and-coming Milwaukee developer Maures Development Group, LLC, run by city native Melissa Goins, who we profiled in our last newsletter.

As with our two previous collaborative projects, Century City is also an opportunity for Brinshore to mentor a local minority and woman-owned business that has a long-term commitment to one of the nation’s most iconic older urban areas.

The metro Milwaukee real estate market is doing relatively well, with year-to-year August home sales currently averaging the fourth highest in the nation. Melissa Goins’ goal is to bring those gains to the inner city communities that Meares targets for development – and Century City is providing a vital addition to that vision.

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