Daley Celebrates Chicago’s Transformation

Retiring Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley stopped at Brinshore’s Savoy Square Apartment Community in April as part of his “Neighborhood Appreciation Tour,” visiting sites around the city that reflect his legacy of revitalization and renewal.

“Standing here today,” he told the crowd, as he helped dedicate a new community center on the site where the once-notorious Robert Taylor Homes formerly stood, “I am pleased to see the progress we have made in transforming the old vision of public housing into a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization, and I am confident that the progress will keep moving forward. Now we have vital communities where residents of mixed incomes live together in neighborhoods with good schools, jobs, shopping, housing and parks.”

Brinshore’s ongoing Legends South redevelopment project has created 557 units of mixed-income housing, created in four developments. They include Coleman Place, Hansberry Square, Mahalia Place and Savoy Square.

“I truly believe we have established a model for other cities seeking to create large-scale change in public housing and in entire neighborhoods,” Daley said at the event.

Last year, with the opening of Savoy Square, the city took another important step in its ongoing effort to transform public housing and end the physical and economic isolation fostered by the Robert Taylor Homes and developments like it. Since Daley launched the CHA Plan for Transformation, $3.2 billion in public housing and private resources have been invested in the effort. The CHA has redeveloped more than 20,000 units of housing since 1999, more than 80 percent of the way toward its goal.

In the South Side neighborhood that surrounds Savoy Square, public schools and libraries have been extensively renovated, green- and park-space increased, and a new police station and firehouse have been built.

“Working together, we’ve brought Chicago into the 21st century and given it a bright future. It’s been a joy and an honor to be your Mayor,” Daley said.

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