Green Building

At Brinshore, we believe that smart development can do more than just minimize the environmental impact of construction and operation. We aspire to build communities that improve their surroundings and make life better and more affordable for the people who live in them. Virtually all of our developments receive a LEED, EnergyStar or other recognized green home rating.

Some of the sustainable elements in our developments include the following:

  • Landscaping with native and drought tolerant plantings and strategically placed shade trees
  • Improved storm water management via green roofs, rain gardens, bio-swales and permeable paving systems
  • Water conservation methods that include low flow plumbing fixtures and rain barrels
  • Geothermal heating and cooling and solar thermal water heating
  • Wind turbines and photovoltaic solar panels
  • High efficiency gas-fired furnaces and air conditioning units
  • Energy Recovery Units for capturing residual heat from heating systems
  • Super insulation techniques to minimize heat transfer and air infiltration
  • Energy Star rated appliances and windows
  • Energy efficient lighting fixtures including LED’s
  • Recycled content carpet/flooring, siding, decking and insulation
  • Bamboo flooring, formaldehyde-free wood cabinets and other low-VOC materials
  • Bath and kitchen exhaust fans with timed switches and vents
  • Ceiling fans for increased air movement within units
  • Photocatalytic paving system to improve air quality

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